domenica 9 settembre 2012

Napolitaneide at Museo della Satira - Forte dei Marmi - Italy

My comics participated to the event/show dedicated to Giorgio Napolitano, current italian republic president with an exibith titled "Napolitaneide" which collects all the best italian satire authors that in the past years published comics or satire comics on Giorgio Napolitano. Works even referring to past Napolitano's politic roles were considered, while mine selected work is referring to the last assignment as president to Napolitano. In the comics, Italy says: " I always prefer pizza Napolitano taste".  It is referring to the recent Napolitano's hard job in transitioning from Berlusconi government to the current  one with Monti as prime minister. Not easy job for the president! Who want access the event documented on Museo della Satira web site, here below the link to click for: