martedì 26 gennaio 2010

Satire comics from Il Diavolo n.290 - January 22th

2009 Crisis at Satire Museum - Forte dei Marmi

2009 comics devoted to global crisis due to financial turmoil at Satire Museum - Forte dei Marmi have been now collected in a great book and made available. International authors participated as well as a selection from Italy.

mercoledì 20 gennaio 2010

Promotional postcard for Mamma!

Several satire authors have been called to propose a postcard for the new Mamma! satire newspaper. Postcard will be sent by mail to subscribers with the newspaper.

"I got a temporary job"
"and a permanent depression"

lunedì 11 gennaio 2010

RAPTUS first 2010 strip!

Raptus, the serie written for Universitinforma , university journal from Catania. This the first 2010 strip.

mercoledì 6 gennaio 2010


Mamma! it's a project that collect italian satire authors in a independent satire journal entirely arranged by the new-satire working group.
Support the project by subscribing 3 issues for 20 euros!

Cento Passi - Cento Sorrisi

Cento Passi Cento Sorrisi , the book collecting comics dedicated to Peppino Impastato is now published and available on book-stores. I contributed with my comics joining most of the important satire italian authors.