martedì 11 settembre 2012


It is already available  the great catalogue of the event Fratelli di Italia held last year by FASI  for the celebration for the 150th anniversary of united Italy. The catalogue collects the best italian satire author works with reference to the subject and it has been print by Giunti. I am in a very good company with the great Giuliano that often joins me on Frigidaire and Il Nuovo Male magazines

lunedì 10 settembre 2012

Vote the best cartoon at INTERNAZIONALE

Vote the best cartoon.

Does austerity work? What is going on in the Eurozone? There are different ways of looking at Europe, but political cartoons are among the most effective. For this reason the European Commission, in partnership with 

Internazionale, has launched a contest to pick the best political cartoon featured in the Italian press in 2011.

The best cartoon will receive a prize during the 2012 Internazionale festival in Ferrara 

Special award at Cartoon Sea "Tutto esaurito" (full house)

The italian contest CartoonSea this year has proposed a very actual topic, "Tutto esaurito"  (full house) that can apply to how the economic crisis situations impacts job and our lives.The success of the competion is highlighed by the large participation as 130 satire authors sent their work to take part to the event. The ceremony will have place the 16th september where it will be announced the winner. I can already anticipate that my work has been awarded by the special award togheter with the following 10 authors:  Margherita Allegri, Emanuele Benetti, Mauro Biani, Lido Contemori, Paolo Dalponte, Filippo Lo Iacono (Frago) , Stefano Magnani, Fabio Magnasciutti, Cristian Stenico, Toni Vedù.

domenica 9 settembre 2012

Panels at exibhit in Milan LA NONA ARTE

Here below my panels that participate to the exibhit in Milan, during June timeframe, with other important italian authors. The topic is "colors".

European Contest for INTERNAZIONALE

As every year, the european magazine INTERNAZIONALE selects italian satire authors to join the contest having reference to Europe and politic events in Europe. It's mandatory for participation, to join with  cartoons that has been published in satire italian magazine during 2012. I participated with two works, published during 2012 on NUOVO MALE: one is referring to Berlusconi prime minister interaction with european politcs and the other that has been selected, referring to the Euro, a currency to post losses rather then the link to visit:

Napolitaneide at Museo della Satira - Forte dei Marmi - Italy

My comics participated to the event/show dedicated to Giorgio Napolitano, current italian republic president with an exibith titled "Napolitaneide" which collects all the best italian satire authors that in the past years published comics or satire comics on Giorgio Napolitano. Works even referring to past Napolitano's politic roles were considered, while mine selected work is referring to the last assignment as president to Napolitano. In the comics, Italy says: " I always prefer pizza Napolitano taste".  It is referring to the recent Napolitano's hard job in transitioning from Berlusconi government to the current  one with Monti as prime minister. Not easy job for the president! Who want access the event documented on Museo della Satira web site, here below the link to click for: