lunedì 29 marzo 2010

Frago & Mazza at NEGRO in Naples!

Frago and Mazza has been selected for NEGRO: international expo that starts from Naples and involves great italian artistists like: Vauro , Giuliano , Maramotti , Michele Cavaliere , Franzaroli , Marassi , Natangelo as well as Wolinsky (Charlie Hebdo - France) , Catherine Meurisse (Charlie Hebdo - France) , Jiho (Sinè Hebdo - France) , Albert Monteys (EL Jueves - Spain),
Paco Alcazar (El Jueves - Spagna) and Kap (Sinè Hebdo, La Vanguardia - Spain).

Frago on Frigidaire!

Collaboration started with mitic Frigidaire, cult italian magazine that made the history of comic art.
Pazienza, Tamburini, Liberatore, Mattioli and the unrivaled Filippo Scozzari as just examples of great artists that joined the magazine since beginning.

Mamma n.4 available!

Mamma n.4 already available!
Frago comics inside!

Diavolo n.294 - Switzerland

domenica 14 marzo 2010

Frago featuring La Ministronza at Comicon 2010

Spataro's Ministronza is for sure one of the best satire comics in italian landscape that greatly demonstrates how italian youth is very unconfortable with current government. Confirmed as 2009 best seller, the sequel has been just made available with great contributions from main italian satire authors as special guests, and will be presented during Comicon 2010 in Naples.
One of my comics contributions.

lunedì 8 marzo 2010

From Diavolo n.293 - Switzerland

domenica 7 marzo 2010